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    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    One of the ways I’ve avoided my old habit of having my mind race to dark or scary thoughts…

    “She said she would be home by 5:00. It’s almost 7:00. She’s been in a crash! She’s out there, hurt. Maybe dying. Or dead! I can just picture the funeral…”

    … is to remind myself how often I’ve gone here before, and how it’s never, ever been as bad as I imagined.


    There’s always an explanation.

    And yet over the years I’ve tortured myself with panic, worry, fear and ‘What ifs?’ The curse of the creative mind.

    The solution is to have a habit to deal with this.

    Mine is simple. It’s a two part process:

    First Step: I tell myself, out loud, “It’s going to be fine. It will work out. Even if there’s a problem lots of people will stop and help. But I’m sure it’s nothing. Remember the time you thought Mike was in a crash, or Nick was in a crash?… “

    Repeat as necessary. Out loud.

    Saying it out loud breaks the silent voice in my head.

    Second Step: I get up and tidy. I take that nervous, negative energy and I use it to do something. Something small and easy. A shelf. A load of laundry. Vacuum one room. Wipe the counters. Fill the bird feeder.

    Then I go another quick job. And another. Maybe tidy a second shelf. Find my cheque book. Sort through and de-clutter one drawer.

    Doing something constructive, and doing it quickly so that it takes some real concentration and therefor fully occupies my mind, gets me into a positive state.

    The reality of it, doing something real, something physical, visual, tactile and measurable, is in direct contrast to the mental wheel spinning that produces nothing but fear and anxiety chemicals to course through my body and leaves me paralyzed.

    Reality trumps imagination.

    And when she inevitably arrives home at 8:00 and says her cell phone died, (Which she told me when she left and I forgot.) and that she ran into Mary who had just broken up with Gary and so she had to listen and be there for her, I can nod, smile, admire how great she is and then point out all the things I got done while I was waiting for her.

    And she’s so grateful. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!



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    Good one!

    This page reads like the transcript of an ADHD “can a werms” support group. All I gotta do is remember to click on favorites, come back, follow directions and heck, my apartment may end up clean. Cleaner… CleaneR is good enough.

    Checkbook is still missing, I think it escaped with my last grocery bag full of paper to be recycled… time to keep that bag somewhere besides right next to my desk where things like checkbooks can fall into it, huh?

    Lot’s of little solutions add up to success. That’s what ya mean huh?

    Hmmm sounds so dang easy….

    Yeah but… Yeah but… repeat…

    No!, I’ll do that 5 min. job n ignore the yeah butts.

    Thanks gang.

    And now I’ll sit here and pick my nose. (jus joken)

    I’ll just get that good one in the left side… :-) Ah crap, I just trimmed my fingernails.


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    Cool, I clicked on a good one to have in my brain for the big day aheada me. Soon I’ll read this whole thing…

    Gotta go race around the block n get rid of this energy inside me.


    12:32 pm pst 2/17/12

    Ohio Neil Young Greatest Hits


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    Wow, that’s a great way to describe this can u werms.

    >>>>> feeling very overwhelmed, feel like i am waking up from tunnel vision, but now life is too overwhelming

    is that adhd? >>>>>>>>

    When I first started cooking in fancy restaurants, I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying keep up with a lot of orders coming in, still in training and struggling like crazy. One of the other cooks said “sometimes you just don’t get it, do you Rob?” I wanted to destroy this guy! how could he see inside me and expose may pain like that!! n the other cook, the sues chef was just laughing his butt off at me….

    I kinda feel like my head is at least back on, but I’m still runnin around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, just less.

    K, now I’m really gonna go get stuff done. no more procrastinating….


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    Hey Robbo – no more procrastinating. That’s what I tell myself too. Doesn’t work, but I try. I checked out the links you left on the other forum topic – you’ve got me well into Metallica now! I’ve never really listened to them before – they rock – literally. Thanks for that!

    I have never progressed from Alice Cooper (although I do LOVE Poison) and Thin Lizzy and of course I think TRex is great.

    I can’t imagine anything more stressful than working in a busy restaurant – I’d die after the first 10 minutes. My brain would literally just seize up. Anyway….back to Metallica now.

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