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Re: Yakity Yak Attack Thread. For just ranting n ramblng about fun stuff. Any subjec

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The Forums Forums Tools, Techniques & Treatments Motivation/Staying on Track Yakity Yak Attack Thread. For just ranting n ramblng about fun stuff. Any subjec Re: Yakity Yak Attack Thread. For just ranting n ramblng about fun stuff. Any subjec


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I’m gonna add watching all the Harry Potter stuff to my Bucket list. Should I read the books first? Now that I’m taking 5 mg of Methylphenidate 3 times a day, I may be able to actually read them, in maybe two or three weeks each. I used to be able to hyper-focus on books years ago. Books like Enders Game, by Orson Scott Card. I still haven’t tried any difficult reading, besides here, all my energy has been spent here the last 5 or so months. It’s only been 2 days that I’ve been taking the generic ritalin. We shall see. So far my writing is a little bit easier, less mistakes to correct. I didn’t expect it, but my memory has somehow improved. I think it’s because I’m less distracted. And I have a lot of faith in Neuroplasticity. Google Neuroplasticity you guys. It’s a bigger part of my solution to the ADHD dilemma. Lot’s of other dilemma’s like getting hit by a truck and not remembering 10 days of my life. Just the freaky morphine dreams and some really weird conversations with friends that were convinced I was permanently broken because of the crazy things I said when I didn’t know the difference between my dreams and real reality.

Not sure I do yet, come to think of it. Daydream much?

“I was trying to daydream but my mind kept wandering.” -Steven Wright quote from this page http://adhdandmore.blogspot.com/2009/01/famous-adhd-quotes.html I love! that “face of ADHD” picture. LOL


Thanks, I almost came unglued today at the Anxiety support group. My turn came up to talk and there was 30 minutes left on the clock!!! ACK!! lol, it was a blast, I talked about being on my second day on generic ritalalin. We had 2 counselors right on my right hand side helping me to restrain myself… cool, huh? It’s a really good caring group of real down to earth folks. We don’t actually have a monopoly on being “down to earth”. But us ADHDer’s are definitely special human beings. the world needs us!!. I told some adventure stories about surfing, only talked about 10+ minutes. I said thanks cuz I know I need to get a grip on myself, it’s so easy to get carried away… that’s what happened today. Talking about one of my best surfing experiences squirted a big bad BOLUS of adrenaline into my blood stream that left me absolutely REELING, and clawwing at the table! laughing and grinning like a fool… Litterally!! LOL FUN FU

N FUn Oh so fun.

I’ve got to remember my new rules for being happy. They are all over this web site. In the form of other peoples experience and ideas. Advice too. I will still have those ups and downs. I’m better prepared now.

“everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face” -Mike Tyson

I’m still listening to my “Classic Jams” playlist.

For Once In My Life Stevie Wonder 20th Century Masters / Shedding Skin Pantara Far Beyond Driven (this song is an EXPLOSION of exponentially increasing anger… great song for getting in touch with my feelings. LOL ***caution, extremely aggro lyrics*** don’t look it up on youtube unless you like hard metal. / Junk Head Alice In Chains Dirt (creepy lyrics) / Evil Ways Santana Between Good And Evil / OhthankyouGod 4 this song… Show Me The Way Peter Frampton Frampton Comes Alive (Live) what an awesome songindeed… / OH!! AWESOME! A perfect song for ADHD folks just came on, originally written by Neil Young, it’s F*Ckin Up! Pearl Jam Live On Two Legs I love this song cuz over n over he keeps singing “why do I keep F*ckin UP?, I don’t even know the rest of the lyrics. Hell, we live them!!!

I bet Neil Young was ADD/ADHD.

Very last song while I was editing/proofreading this : Go On Cry Heart Little Queen

“Music sweet music, I wish I could caress, Kiss Kiss” -Jimi Hendrix