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Yakity Yak Attack Thread. For just ranting n ramblng about fun stuff. Any subjec

Yakity Yak Attack Thread. For just ranting n ramblng about fun stuff. Any subjec2012-02-24T20:55:48+00:00

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    hey Robbo .. for me it seems to vary day to day …i did a full meltdown Monday but had no clue it was coming

    trying to keep quiet, not get wired by News and such .. tired of the rollercoaster … fed up with it all at times


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    <<<<<< I’d listen to more Clapton if his group could just find a decent guitar player. >>>> You’re a funny funny rocket scientist agnoscet! I wonder what ya meant by that? After I got home from a full day out doing good fun stuff I went straight to the stereo and a song by Cream came on. On my “Classic Jams” playlist, that reminded me of your post about Eric Clapton. I just decided to get Netflix, thanks tons Agnoscet. How’d ya come up with your name here?

    Ever watch Jeopordy?

    Songs that came on while I worked on this post http://totallyadd.com//adhd-personality-disorder and the one here, (just a bunch of the better ones) Cream Strang Brew 20th Century Masters / Jackson 5 Standing In The Shadow Of Love Motown Legends / Snoop Doggy Dog, Bad Azz & Bo Rock The Genie Lost Sessions Volume 1 / Johnny Cash And Willie Nelson Folsom Prison Blues Story Tellers (Live) / Janis Joplin Love Is Like A Ball And Chain 18 Essential Songs / Seether Gasoline disclaimer II (I always have to crank the volume when that Seether song comes on, YEAH! I love metal!!! ***grin*** / Pantara This Love name of CD withheld for Jeopordy answer. Hint- Pantara’s last CD, comes with a DVD with some of the greatest Pantara live and studio videos ever enjoyed over n over again. / Jimi Hendrix Message Of Love Band Of Gypsys / Johnny Cash Boy Named Sue (live) Unknown album / Lynard Skynard Ya Got That Right Greatest Hits / Steely Dan Josie (Live) Live in America / Hate To Feel Alice In Chains Dirt / In The Light Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Box Set disk 4 / This song came on after I finished this post, I decide to find the youtube link to an excellent video, watch the end of this video. Jimi talks about why I USED TO not practice. I’ve changed my mind since then. I just don’t want to get sucked into the music business.

    Watch this video!!! Jimi at his Best!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xxzs3lGSu2U&feature=related

    Ukay, for 600 points…

    Pantara may not have done this on their Vulgar Display Of Power CD, but in this version of “This Love”, the one playing today on Robbo’s stereo today while he was writing. The productucer used at least one totally blown speaker in the studio, so it sounds just like some teenagers’ parents’ blown speaker systems after the teens moved out/got kicked out. Pantara probably got the idea from Metalica. Many Rock and Rollers flip out because it makes them think they’ve blown their own speakers the first time they hear it. It’s just recorded that way on purpose. This version of “This Love” was on this, Pantara’s last CD,

    (I’m hoping I wrote this right, so you know the right question…) personally I never liked watching Jeopordy with my last REAL Bona Fide, genius girlfriend. I just think I’m a genius. More like an absent minded genius. Like Albert.


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    I’m gonna add watching all the Harry Potter stuff to my Bucket list. Should I read the books first? Now that I’m taking 5 mg of Methylphenidate 3 times a day, I may be able to actually read them, in maybe two or three weeks each. I used to be able to hyper-focus on books years ago. Books like Enders Game, by Orson Scott Card. I still haven’t tried any difficult reading, besides here, all my energy has been spent here the last 5 or so months. It’s only been 2 days that I’ve been taking the generic ritalin. We shall see. So far my writing is a little bit easier, less mistakes to correct. I didn’t expect it, but my memory has somehow improved. I think it’s because I’m less distracted. And I have a lot of faith in Neuroplasticity. Google Neuroplasticity you guys. It’s a bigger part of my solution to the ADHD dilemma. Lot’s of other dilemma’s like getting hit by a truck and not remembering 10 days of my life. Just the freaky morphine dreams and some really weird conversations with friends that were convinced I was permanently broken because of the crazy things I said when I didn’t know the difference between my dreams and real reality.

    Not sure I do yet, come to think of it. Daydream much?

    “I was trying to daydream but my mind kept wandering.” -Steven Wright quote from this page http://adhdandmore.blogspot.com/2009/01/famous-adhd-quotes.html I love! that “face of ADHD” picture. LOL


    Thanks, I almost came unglued today at the Anxiety support group. My turn came up to talk and there was 30 minutes left on the clock!!! ACK!! lol, it was a blast, I talked about being on my second day on generic ritalalin. We had 2 counselors right on my right hand side helping me to restrain myself… cool, huh? It’s a really good caring group of real down to earth folks. We don’t actually have a monopoly on being “down to earth”. But us ADHDer’s are definitely special human beings. the world needs us!!. I told some adventure stories about surfing, only talked about 10+ minutes. I said thanks cuz I know I need to get a grip on myself, it’s so easy to get carried away… that’s what happened today. Talking about one of my best surfing experiences squirted a big bad BOLUS of adrenaline into my blood stream that left me absolutely REELING, and clawwing at the table! laughing and grinning like a fool… Litterally!! LOL FUN FU

    N FUn Oh so fun.

    I’ve got to remember my new rules for being happy. They are all over this web site. In the form of other peoples experience and ideas. Advice too. I will still have those ups and downs. I’m better prepared now.

    “everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face” -Mike Tyson

    I’m still listening to my “Classic Jams” playlist.

    For Once In My Life Stevie Wonder 20th Century Masters / Shedding Skin Pantara Far Beyond Driven (this song is an EXPLOSION of exponentially increasing anger… great song for getting in touch with my feelings. LOL ***caution, extremely aggro lyrics*** don’t look it up on youtube unless you like hard metal. / Junk Head Alice In Chains Dirt (creepy lyrics) / Evil Ways Santana Between Good And Evil / OhthankyouGod 4 this song… Show Me The Way Peter Frampton Frampton Comes Alive (Live) what an awesome songindeed… / OH!! AWESOME! A perfect song for ADHD folks just came on, originally written by Neil Young, it’s F*Ckin Up! Pearl Jam Live On Two Legs I love this song cuz over n over he keeps singing “why do I keep F*ckin UP?, I don’t even know the rest of the lyrics. Hell, we live them!!!

    I bet Neil Young was ADD/ADHD.

    Very last song while I was editing/proofreading this : Go On Cry Heart Little Queen

    “Music sweet music, I wish I could caress, Kiss Kiss” -Jimi Hendrix


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    Robbo, I just watched the films. My husband read all the books before he watched the films and was glad he did. I tend to read other stuff WHILE I’m watching films. lol (The one with Colin Firth – apparently there are other films with the same name.)

    We watched A Single Man last night. It moved me so much that I can still feel its mark today. So sad, but in not depressing.


    Patte Rosebank
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    Although paperwork is kryptonite to someone with ADHD, I’m usually the one my managers ask to help them with the inspections of the theatre where I work. It’s an old building, and there’s never been enough money to properly maintain it, so there are always plenty of things that need attention. I can spot the usual problems, but I also really have a knack for spotting the unusual problems, even the tiny ones. And I’m the one who carries the clipboard, and notes everything in the log.

    Why is it that I’m so good at focussing on things when I’m doing these inspections, but other times, I have so much trouble with attention to detail? Perhaps it’s because I’m working together with a manager, or perhaps it’s because we’re going into parts of the building that I only ever go into when we’re doing the inspections, which makes it interesting.

    Yesterday, we really had an adventure, exploring the areas underneath the stage. They weren’t on the official list of areas to inspect, but I wanted to explore them, and my manager was curious too, because in all her years of working there, she’d never explored them either. It’s sad to see stage equipment (like an elevator, so characters can suddenly appear onstage through a trap door) locked up and marked “DO NOT USE! UNSAFE!” simply because the powers that be refused to allow enough money in the budget to maintain it.


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    <<<<<<paperwork is kryptonite to someone with ADHD>>>>>> ACKK scary stuff. paperwork gives me the creeps.

    <<<<>>> I hope I can remember that… sounds great. Thanks!

    <<<<< Why is it that I’m so good at focussing on things when I’m doing these inspections, but other times, I have so much trouble with attention to detail? Perhaps it’s because I’m working together with a manager, or perhaps it’s because we’re going into parts of the building that I only ever go into when we’re doing the inspections, which makes it interesting. >>>> I may have to give up trying to figure out that one. Some way, some how, I WILL get my hands on the remote to my attention span/interest/mood/personality version. For now I’m just trying to enjoy the ride. What a wild ride it is!!! I’m getting that picture in my head of me strapping my hand in good and tight on top of a BIG BAD BULL inside the gate… about to get another 8 or 10 seconds of THRILLS CHILLS N SPILLS!!! lol.

    If you figure it out, please tell us. Thanks.

    Hmm, that’s why I should be a producer, like Ted Templeton. They are the reason so many albums like Van Halen “Fair Warning” are so good. And Metallica “And Justice For All” DGMS


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    Wow, that is so dang freaky!!! is most of my post above this one blue on your screens? BLEW MY FREAKIN MIND! LOL? That’s why I didn’t click on edit. Now I’m hearing the theme music to “the twilite zone” BTW that’s one of my favorite songs on Rush 2112, The song about a man who takes drugs n discovers he has become the “brand new toy” of a “Giant boy” lol. google, better yet type this-=- no, just copy n paste it.

    Rush 2112 entire album site : youtube on Google, I got that idea from billd.

    PS just click, I tested it just to make sure I did it right… http://www.google.com/search?q=Rush+2112+entire+album+site+:+youtube&hl=en&client=safari&rls=en&prmd=ivns&source=univ&tbm=vid&tbo=u&ei=3wtZT_DTAoiviQKz9eC3Cw&sa=X&oi=video_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CBkQqwQwAA

    Ratz, now I’m really late… AACCKKK!

    PPS, guess who forgot to take his ritalin?? LOL


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    Ukay, prepare to havE YOUR MIND BLOWn







    > did you take you meds?

    okay… REady?

    go ahead, make OUR day…



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    Just found this in my “threads to check out” folder, forgot to post it somewhere… This is just for fun/entertainment. Like there’s not enough of that on this site, huh? need a break from working your butt off on dealing with ADHD?

    remember to come back here though, ukay?

    Original Ghost tree.

    I checked most of the links on this search, picked out some great ones. Have 10 minutes to be shocked and blown away?




    This one has all pictures. Heart Attack photos.


    My favorite surf place.


    Challenged liberty.


    Have lot’s of time to read, n be shocked? all this is just one long link.


    I’ll be out in the sea if you guys start to see me here less. I promise not to disappear though.



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    <<<< ask her for a coffee, make friends with her before you go all deep and meaningful on her. >>>>

    OK, Thanks, I just hope she doesn’t find this site, and this thread in particular. THAT scenario ounds very uncomfortable, huh? I sorta lost interest a little anyway. Guess time will tell.

    Dang, it’s no fun seeing me plastered all over this thread, maybe it will die quietely. It wouldn’t load the first 5 times I clicked on it, n then right click, hit reload, etc… Dang mind won’t slow down. I don’t want to take more methylphenidate… may have to.

    Just accept myself right? yeah right, YOO try that!!! LOL.

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