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I was called to jury duty and while listening to the judge give his customary introduction to potential jurists I found my attention “drifting” so I did what I usually do, a trick I learned to help me focus on a speakers message, I began sketching in my sketchbook. I was then able to follow and process what the judge was saying. This lasted only a minute or two before the bailiff signaled me to stop. I stopped sketching and tried to concentrate on what the judge was saying but it was no use. I heard every word he said but they were just a string of words. I was completely lost as to the content of what he was saying.

A couple of months later someone told me about the local Art college and that the art instructors there would forewarn the other teachers that some of their art students would be able to focus better in their other classes if they were allowed to sketch while listening to lectures. Sounds like they were recognizing a trait in some of their students, even if they weren’t aware that the students, most likely, were ADD.

I hope the above story wasn’t too sketchy. ;)