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@Larynxa – your observation about small talk coming easily when speaking to someone you won’t see again is interesting.

I find it easy to talk to people in line, on trains, on planes etc. but less easy to maintain conversations with those I know well. Why?

Maybe there is nothing new to say to those who know me? Maybe I am more cautious with those who know me because there are consequences if I am too open. Maybe I don’t want to open up too much to those in close proximity because I like my own space and if you give too much away, others then feel they have a right to invade your space. It’s easier to not become involved in the first place than to have to back off later.

Maybe people in my life constantly, are just not interested in what I do. Those in the line up that talk are happy to talk or they wouldn’t. Maybe one can only give so much away in those casual interactions, so I can feel satisfied that I have had human interaction but it doesn’t matter what they think of me. Or maybe I can keep up the ‘normal’ act for a short period of time and the transient interaction finishes before my ADHD humour becomes offensive, mad, whatever……

But until quite recently I used to be very open to everyone and chat quite happily about anything, until a few people at work started teasing me. One in particular ‘got to me’ and I realised that being open does not pay, at least at work. This coincided with my ADHD being more noticeable (due to more stress at work and age, so previous strategies no longer worked). I was then diagnosed and the Ritalin helps me to be less outgoing at work.

So maybe chatting to people I don’t know is like a valve being released. Simply, I can be myself and it doesn’t matter. Maybe talking to strangers is a good therapy.

What does this have to do with ADD friendly jobs? Nothing. 🙂