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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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In the latest round of interviews we’ve done over the last year a common theme has emerged about work. This is from a half dozen experts at least, many of them having had varied, interesting careers.

‘Do what interests you.’

What interests you?

Several coaches said they have clients who are accountants, the last career you’d think would work for ADHD, but these were people who loved numbers.

When I started out doing comedy, I was doing it at my day job as a demonstrator at a Science Centre, in the evenings at a coffee house called The Nervous Breakdown, and on weekends shooting a show I created called Change Channels at the local community access channel.

“What would you do if you didn’t need money?” Answer that, then figure out how to do that and make money.

“I’d ski all year.”  Great. Become an instructor. Work in a ski shop. But you’re a trained lawyer? Fine, specialize in working for ski resorts, ski manufacturers, ski tour operators…

It takes some creativity, but the advantage, for me at least, of being very excited about what I like and dreading what I don’t do well, is that I very quickly know if something is right for me. What I haven’t done as well as I might have is asking for ideas on how to make something work. I try to do it all. Maybe that’s an ADHD thing. Does anyone else have that going on?