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So I went to the doctor today to get my new prescription for Vyvanse. I was not having a great day, feeling kind of depressed. But I was pretty calm and focused. And as I walked into the building I started to think again, maybe it’s not really ADD.

i went into the drug store to buy a drink because I was thirsty. As I was walking back across the lobby to the elevators I thought something about the floor didn’t feel right, like it was kind of rough and bumpy. I looked down to see that all the tiles (or maybe it was carpet?) had been ripped up. I turned back as I was waiting for the elevator and looked around. The benches and plants and everything that used to be there were gone too. The lobby was completely empty. Now how did I not notice that on the way in?

Because I was watching the flashing snowflake lights in the drug store window and looking at the strings of red and white lights they had twisted together and hung over the door.

Nope, it’s definitely not ADD.

I also forgot to drink the juice. It’s sitting in the cup holder in the van right now.