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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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Ha ha!  I have a soda pop story to follow your ‘juice tale’.

Years ago I was getting guitar lessons. And I would be dropped off and wait for the teacher to be ready. So I went into the convenience store in the strip mall and got a pop. In a glass bottle. And they had straws. So I popped the straws in the bottle, and they stuck out about two inches.

I wander around the store, pretending I’m not trying to stare at the adult magazines.

And I bring the drink up to my mouth, suck on the straws, and yet, at the same time, tilt my head back and raise the bottle, like you would if you didn’t have straws.

There’s a two inch gap between my mouth and the lip of the bottle. And it pours out all over my jacket. I had to buy one of those small travel packets of Kleenex. And then a second one when I did the same thing three minutes later.