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I may find this funny someday.  I put a bowl in the sink to fill with water. Deadly boring standing there watching water run, but then I thought of something that I could run do quickly outside and run back in and the bowl would be full.

After several hours of working in the flower garden, I wandered back in to a flooded kitchen. Yikes. It took me three years to clean up the mess, because earlier that day I had started preparing to wash the bedroom walls and had taken everything down off the walls and moved furniture to the middle of the room. For some reason, I decided that would also be a good time to clean out the closet, so cleared it out and put everything in the middle of the room with the furniture.  I had to abandon the bedroom project to get the water cleaned up, terrified the whole time the landlord would find out and evict me, or that I had done serious damage and be liable for the cost, so I’m trying to be secretive about it.  That didn’t work because the water had seeped into the neighbor’s kitchen. Actually, I never really did get it all back in order. I moved.

That was the third time I’ve done that. So the rule is NEVER TURN BACK ON RUNNING WATER-NO EXCEPTIONS.  Another rule is Never Turn Back on Pot On Burner, but that’s another ADHD story.