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@lsdcat you will find it funny someday.  You have to laugh at yourself or you will go crazy beating yourself up over your scattered brain.  You sound so much like me!!!!  LOL   Yesterday I was meeting my husband at the autobody shop and he told me 12:15.  He called at 12 to make sure I was ready and I was and told me to leave now.  I got a little side tracked because I wanted to fold a load of laundry before I left.  Husband calls at 12:15 and asks where I am.  I tell him I’m in the car on my way.  I was in car but still in my driveway.  I only have to go about 5 minutes down the road and I just proceed to drive right by the autobody shop and then realize it.  He was just shaking his head at me because he had seen me drive on by.  He has to deal with my scattered brain every day.  God bless him!!