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You’ve melted plastic bags, cutting boards, spatulas, bowls, shattered a glass lid, and set your oven mitts on fire? Me, too! We have so much in common!


I’ll never forget the day I was making candles in the kitchen and the paraffin went up in flames. My children were terrified as fire shot to the ceiling, sort of like the mushroom cloud of smoke used by the Wizard of Oz to intimidate Dorothy and her friends. There are still smoke stains on the ceiling. My younger child said, “Mom, please don’t make candles again.”

Part of my problem is that I get bored cooking. I hate waiting for a pot to boil. I hate standing there to stir things. I have a tendency to wander off and forget I was cooking.

@Tadd Moderator

Was it the bowl that shattered or the electric curly element thing? The elements are probably metal, right? I have fused aluminum foil to the element inside the oven – burning aluminum emits toxic fumes. Not good. Hope your mom was okay and didn’t get hit by flying glass – that’s pretty scary.

My husband, for reasons best known to himself, likes to “sterilize” toothbrushes and kitchen sponges by boiling them in a pot of water on the stove. I can’t tell you how many times he’s forgotten and melted them, poisoning the atmosphere in the house, so that we needed to put fans in the windows for hours to clear it out. I wish he’d quit doing that. It never ends well.