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No such thing as reverse discrimination? That’s just ridiculous. If you are facing discrimination it shouldn’t matter what colour your skin is, or what colour the bully’s is.

In my opinion, racism is racism. Period. I know black people have suffered at the hands of white people in the past, and many still face racism today, but that is no excuse to do it to someone else. In fact, it should be just the opposite. When you have faced discrimination yourself you should know what it feels like and not want to put someone else through that.  But I suppose it’s hard for some people to not lash out in anger. Especially if their life isn’t the greatest. Still doesn’t make it right though.

I like Morgan Freeman’s attitude. I saw him in an interview with George Strombo a few years ago. I think it was around the time “Prom Night in Mississipi” came out. He mentioned that he still faces discrimination and that he sometimes walks into a restaurant in the South and they’ll refuse to serve him. Strombo was surprised and asked him how he handles it. He said “I just smile and say okay, thank you, have a nice day and walk out.”  It takes a lot of self esteem to do that.

But I am way off topic.  This brings up an interesting subject that doesn’t get disscused much- work place bullies. When I went for my assessment the psych asked me when the bullying stopped. I said “it never did”. But he missed my meaning and still focused on school. I was bullied right up to my last job. Nothing really specific, just a general attitude, and a few remarks here and there that I caught as I was walking around a corner. I always wanted to hide a digital recorder somewhere to see what they said about me when I wasn’t there.

Typing this is making me think about filing a complaint against them again. If only I could remember specific incidents and dates.

Oh well, the best revenge is living well, as they say. So last time I walked by and one of them waved and smiled I waved back with a great big grin on my face. Let them see that I am happy and sure of myslef and still walking with my head held high. (even if I’m not)