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How To Cook a Roast Beef Dinner, ADD Style
Get the roast out of the freezer and defrost it over night in the fridge. Write a big reminder note for yourself so that you won’t forget that you are cooking roast beef for dinner.
Get up in the morning and read your notes. Ah, yes, the roast. Have to be sure to put it on in time to have it cooked for dinner.

Make breakfast, check email, check forums, Google a couple of things…..Husband’s mother phones, talk to her for a bit, tell her you’re cooking roast beef for dinner…….look at clock and realize what time it is. Better get the roast on soon.

Hang up and forget about roast again. Go out to pay some bills and get gas. Stop at the mall to mail a card, pop into dollar store….just to find something quickly….find several things, not so quickly. Then go into store next to dollar store and wander around looking at stuff there. Buy a couple of things for Christmas, remember to mail card on the way out, go get gas, go home and cook eggs for dinner because you don’t have time left for anything else.

Before going to bed, write a big reminder note to cook the roast the next day.
Get up in the morning and completely forget to read all of your notes. Google, email, chat etc…..Remember roast. Do some other things….Remember roast again.

Clean kitchen counter, wash frying pan. Get roast out and season with salt and pepper, pan sear, add water, cover and transfer to oven set at right temperature to cook nice and slow, even though it’s a little late, because you want it to be tender.

Clean up a bit, look at packaging from roast and see that it says “Eye of Round”, not Tenderloin like you had thought. Look up eye of round….read that it is one of the toughest cuts of beef. And that it should be dry roasted, uncovered.

Get roast out of oven, remove water from pan, put back in oven uncovered. Wander around and do a few other things, then remember that you have mushrooms that were supposed to go with the roast. Chop mushrooms and add them to the pan.

Sometime later…

Check temperature of roast- 5 degrees below where you want it, time to take it out and let it rest. And you haven’t put the potatoes on yet. Scramble to peel and chop potatoes as quickly as possible, put them on to boil. Take roast out, transfer to cutting board and tent. Set pan on burner to make gravy.

Hmmm, seems like something is missing. Oh, Yorkshire Pudding. Didn’t even think of it. Too late now. But you have a box of Yorkshire Pudding mix, maybe it’s not too late. Go get box, read instructions….bake for 20-30 minutes….no, it really is too late. Next time.

Roast is done and resting, potatoes are almost cooked and ready to mash, gravy is done….something is still missing. Think about it and realize you didn’t cook any vegetables.

Get some frozen veggies out quick and dump them into a bowl. Leave them sitting on the counter while you stir gravy, check potatoes etc. Notice veggies still sitting on counter, put in microwave. Drain potatoes and mash them. Realize you didn’t turn microwave on. Turn microwave on, cover potatoes and gravy to keep them warm…..

And 10 minutes later serve dinner, half an hour late.

And of course, forget to use your oven mitts and singe your fingers at least twice throughout all of the above.