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@seabassd – I TOTALLY get that feeling of being completely unable to act. Intellectually you know what you need to do, and you may even suspect that it won’t really be that bad once you do it (particularly if you’ve been down this path multiple times), but something freezes you up inside and others see as super simple and straightforward becomes your own personal Mount Everest!
I have been on a combo of meds for a few months now and just this past week dealt with some bureaucratic stuff right away, as it happened!! The situation I was dealing with (driver’s licence stuff) was a result of past inaction, but as soon as I learned of it, I dealt with it. There’s still lots of stuff that I’m hiding from, but the sense of empowerment after dealing with this one issue is amazing. Baby steps.
Btw – don’t know you, but very proud of you for making those calls! My anxiety level rose just reading your original post!! 🙂