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Thanks Seabassd for posting this subject . I was reading  about you not wanting to answer a call or an e mail for a couple of weeks , and it hit me that  I’m trying to understand why my head starts to go all over the place when I need to make an important call , but not that difficult , really ? I start making excuses to put it off , in my mind , and try to figure out the whole scenario before I can approach making the call . Holy crap , I get exhausted from my head doing all this accepting an idea , then complicating it , and then rejecting it , then it repeats  . I think it relates with what your talking about  ? I wonder if it’s the ADHD , that creates these problems  , or is it insecurities or depression that it starts from ?  I’m glad you’ve moved forward , catching up , and getting back on track !   Thanks , again for sharing !