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Thanks so much for your help. You were right on target. I was building everything up in my head to the point it appeared insurmountable. I was also demanding that I preform at a level of expectation and in a way that did not take into account my limitations as a person with ADHD and as a human. I cut myself some slack and accepted that I can only do today what I can based on wherever I’m at at this particular time. That helped decrease some of the anxiety which then led to me finally making some small steps forward. I actually looked at missed emails and guess what, they were not as bad as I had built up in my head. I responded to a couple. I also completed another simple request that help build momentum. I did some work in a different room of the house which helped stimulate things as well.

Your words helped me feel less scared and removed some of the anxiety that allowed me to move forward. I loss perspective for a bit. I’ll remember this lesson.

Thanks so much!