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What is the worst possible thing they could say, keeping in mind that most people are reasonable human beings that don’t appreciate conflict?

Could be what your avoiding is a false perception of what is required of you and is made worse by habitual inaccurate anxiety and anticipation for this type of situation?

Perhaps it would help to accept that you can do what you can do and only you can decide what or how much that is. With that, there is no doing any more than you feel you can and wether others choose to accept that is their choice.

You are worthy of limits and you are the only person in charge of maintaing/running your body so you are the only one that can understand when its had enough, and that’s ok, as long as you put in what effort you understand is acceptable for yourself with out overdoing it.

Maybe try understand your perception of the situation and whether it should be re-defined or no. Then do what you can do today and leave what you can’t for tomorrow.

This thought process really helps me when my anxiety flairs up. Good luck!