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I am a mother with ADHD and I have two boys with ADHD. Life in my house is pretty crazy most of the time. My eldest is finally doing well at school. He still has problems occasionally and is still not quite where he needs to be, but I am so very proud of the all the hard work he’s done and the initiative he’s showing, both at home and school. But my poor little guy…, he’s drowning. Just when I thought we had achieved some success with one, the other is just starting his nightmare. It’s like watching the sequel of a movie, except this one has more explosions, car wrecks and other such actions. I am back to constant reports from teachers and other staff member from the school. Back to the “I hate school, I don’t want to go, why do I have to, I’m too sick to go” and a few inappropriate comments. Homework is like pulling teeth, mine I mean. I often want a drink afterwards. And if its not bad enough, I went back to school myself only to realize that I have too, and I’m having some of the same issues. (Well, that would explain my grandmother, lol)

I feel like I am in a lifesaver, in the middle of the ocean and there’s a storm to boot.

I recall a comment being made from a movie I saw, the person said to another person “If you do not find a way to do it, no one else will”. That pretty much describes my situation.