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So glad to have found this forum today– while doing a search in hopes to find appropriate support for my 12 yr. old son who was diagnosed with ADHD 2 yrs ago.

After his phsyco-educational assesment, he was accepted to a gifted program at his school.  We thought this would be best because the process created an IEP for him and would help (we hoped) his teachers to “get” him as well as provide an environment with other kids he could fit in with better.  To some degree that happened, but in other ways his distractedness and inability to complete homework has become worse.  The structure in his class is now much less rigid and his assignments are more project-based which requires more organizational skills, time management and focus- all of his weaknesses.  After this long and frustrating process we thought his placement  would be a blessing, but it seems to have created bigger challenges.
We just went through 2 weeks of torturous sitting in front of his computer screen working on a long-term assignment whith barely a paragraph to show for it!  We have tried various strategies – chunking his work,  with free time breaks in between,  prompting him, having long and short talks ….. most recently  he has had his electronics priviledges taken away for as long as it takes to complete his project.  2 weeks later, here we are with only frustration to show!  We really need help!

I have looked into child psychologists and tried to find some who specialize in kids with ADHD,  but have been hesitant, wondering if they would be the right “fit”  Just today I also found a couple of specialized clinics and was wondering if anyone has had experience with these?  Does anyone have experience with ADHD clinics for kids in Toronto?  I have come across Springboard, but never heard of them before.  Any recommendations please?