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Looks like SPAM to me…

But spammers sometimes do us a favour by resurrecting these old threads. This is a good topic for discussion and everything here resonates so much with me.

Like Miguel said in his original post, my mom worried about me being so withdrawn, though she never really tried to force me not to be. Other people have tried to force me and push me into situations that make me uncomfortable, and that was very stressful, to say the least.

I need my alone time. I like to go for walks by myself, sit in the park and read a book, or just sit by the lake and watch the ducks. It’s not really that I don’t like being around people. I actually get really lonely at times. But I need space, and time to recover after social encounters.

Like  Scattybird and shutterbug said, it needs to be on my own terms. I get very uncomfortable when forced into a situation I don’t want to be in or don’t know how to handle. Like the Christmas parties at work. They were the worst.

I always remember one time when I was at a pub with a few friends and they were all playing pool and talking and joking while I sat on a stool by myself watching them, feeling completely relaxed and content. And then one of them came over and asked me what was wrong, why I wasn’t having any fun. I responded that I was having fun. And I meant it. But no one believed me.

Why is it that people can’t believe that we are happy doing what we want to do? Why do they always think we need to be like them and do what they like to do? Like our spammer friend says, it’s not good to be dubbed a loner. Because then no one wants to be friends with you, because you aren’t “fun”. And that’s when loner becomes lonely. Unless you are lucky enough to make friends with the right people.