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I’m new to the forums, not new to ADHD, but new to actually doing something about it. This subject intrigued me, but didn’t read the entire thread, so apologies if I am restating something already rehashed.

From my pre-ADHD psycho-education days of late, I always took my desire to be alone as being an introvert.  I still do.  I’ve tested that way on the Meyers-Briggs Assessment. By definition an introvert is someone who energizes alone.  Like some have said, they don’t like going to social gatherings and it drains them.  That is exactly how I have felt for years.  Finding out that I was an introvert helped me to accept my differences (married to an extrovert & non-ADD).  I learned to navigate through the situations and got my down time later.

As someone who is now putting the pieces together of my ADHD and applying that filter to my life, I’m somewhat confused.  I am questioning just about everything these days.

Are all introverts also ADD?  Or are all ADDers introverts?

Some can be the total life of the party, comedic, etc.  But maybe that is just a mask they use to fit in and then revert to solitude later to recharge. (Watch the webinar “Pretending to be Normal” on 3/17/05 for great information about our masks.)

Also, another note about the idea of being alone.  Having alone time is good.  I prefer it myself.  I need a lot of solitude to process. However, isolation is very detrimental to our overall health.  We need to be connected to others, at least one on one.  ADDers are prone to depression and depression feeds on isolation. Getting feedback and encouragement from others (especially those on the path to wholeness with their ADHD diagnosis) is critical.

If anyone has insight on separating our ADHD from our personality type or about being an introvert, please add your input to the conversation.