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Logsdon – Congratulations –  I am seriously, genuinely impressed at your composure and professionalism whilst dealing with Jackie the B*t*h. OK she upset you, but you dealt with her really well.  Her attitude was dreadful. How dare she make a comment like that – you need to put in a complaint on Monday for sure.

I don’t know why, but in the UK we have receptionists like that too. It’s like they are paid to be obnoxious, judgemental, job-worths and sadly it seems they are the same across the water with you too. They are not doctors and have no right to make presumptions and no right to make a judgement about whether you need to talk to a doctor or not.

Last time I visited my GP I could barley stand, was in dreadful pain and was clearly running a temperature. I struggled to the surgery to see if I could make an appointment to see my GP – I knew that surgery hours were just finishing and the doctors will see people then if it’s urgent. The receptionist told me to go away – I told her I thought it was a bit of an emergency but she still sent me away – no explanation – she said if I felt that bad I should go to ER. I had to then struggle across town to a drop-in health centre  – they took one look at me and got me into hospital where I remained for just under 10 days whilst they put me right. I later found out that my doctor’s surgery was short staffed – at least thats what they said when I complained, but there was no explanation or niceness from the receptionist. So I know the type of person your Jackie is.

So, one last thought – you’re clearly a great Mom to want to ensure that your son gets the treatment he needs.