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that B-Word broke my Mom bone!

that B-Word broke my Mom bone!2014-10-25T19:52:23+00:00

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    Hey ya’ll! I just created our account because let’s face it parenting an ADHD kiddo can be hard, scary, and lonely.

    Our son is 6.  His dr has prescribed 5mg Adderall IR to help him sustain focus through the evening since he has officially started his first after school activity (wrestling…to be like our 19 year old son).

    Skip the med topic

    Fast forward through my rambling about how having him take it twice a week makes me feel as a mom.

    Jump right over the part where this is still a relatively new prescription.

    And that brings us to The WORST Phone Call Ever In The History Of Phone Calls

    5mg adderall IR is on backorder with literally every single pharmacy within 50 miles of us.  The pharmacy has been trying to get in touch with their office to get a verbal OK to give us 10mg pills with instructions to cut them in half before he takes one.  They have called 4 times, and sent 2 faxes. So…while I stood there having an already frustrating day…I offered to call the Dr office and see if I could light a fire so to speak the convo went like this:

    me: Hi this is Amanda my son Lucian is a patient of Dr. D.  His date of birth is 06-xx-08. (pause to let her pull him up) I’m having a teensy problem at the pharmacy.  The meds Dr. D prescribed are on backorder.  The pharmacist needs verbal permission to give us 10mg to split in half so that Lucian doesn’t have to wait potentially another 3 weeks.  Is there any chance that I can speak with a nurse, or hold for Dr. D?

    her: Dr. D isn’t here, and we don’t deal with these kinds of meds on weekends or evenings (it was 530 on Friday evening) so I can send a message back but it will just be a waste of time.

    me: Is there a doctor there? May I please speak to him or a nurse?

    her: There is, but they won’t take your call.

    me: Can you ask?

    her: it’s a waste of time.

    me: My son needs this medication to function appropriately ON. A. TEAM. TONIGHT. (now granted I wasn’t all southern charm and lovely but I wasn’t awful, I was stern.  Stern is different that being a B-Word)

    her: I don’t know, you should probably find a way to actually manage your kid. if you really cared about him that’s what you would do. Or call Monday. Want me to waste the message back to the Dr on call?

    me: I’m so sorry I missed your name.

    her: Jackie

    me: Thank you so much for your time, enjoy your weekend! I’ll talk to someone Monday.

    Now, here’s the thing..she was basically the worst person ever born.  I sat in my car and cried.  For anyone to think that I am the kind of parent that stuffs their kid full of pills and doesn’t TRY eery single other option or try to ‘manage’ him or love the snot out of him no matter what SERIOUSLY hurt my feelings.

    Should it have bothered me as much as it did? No Does she actually matter? Nope Will I call and make sure that Jackie’s boss knows that she is a horrible human? Yup

    Anyhow, that’s our worst.  Have an awesome weekend!


    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    Unbelievable.  This is what breaks my heart. And what fuels what we do.

    Welcome to this site. You will find support and way better feedback that you got from that person.

    Incredible. Keep fighting for your child. And keep us posted.



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    Logsdon – Congratulations –  I am seriously, genuinely impressed at your composure and professionalism whilst dealing with Jackie the B*t*h. OK she upset you, but you dealt with her really well.  Her attitude was dreadful. How dare she make a comment like that – you need to put in a complaint on Monday for sure.

    I don’t know why, but in the UK we have receptionists like that too. It’s like they are paid to be obnoxious, judgemental, job-worths and sadly it seems they are the same across the water with you too. They are not doctors and have no right to make presumptions and no right to make a judgement about whether you need to talk to a doctor or not.

    Last time I visited my GP I could barley stand, was in dreadful pain and was clearly running a temperature. I struggled to the surgery to see if I could make an appointment to see my GP – I knew that surgery hours were just finishing and the doctors will see people then if it’s urgent. The receptionist told me to go away – I told her I thought it was a bit of an emergency but she still sent me away – no explanation – she said if I felt that bad I should go to ER. I had to then struggle across town to a drop-in health centre  – they took one look at me and got me into hospital where I remained for just under 10 days whilst they put me right. I later found out that my doctor’s surgery was short staffed – at least thats what they said when I complained, but there was no explanation or niceness from the receptionist. So I know the type of person your Jackie is.

    So, one last thought – you’re clearly a great Mom to want to ensure that your son gets the treatment he needs.

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