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@sdwa There should be some regulation, agreed. But sadly even having regulations and codes doesn’t ensure quality of service. I’m reminded of certain mental health professionals I have encountered. It would help to require at least some training for anyone who wants to act as a life coach or something. Having to spend the time and money to take a course would deter some of the ones who are just out to make easy money.

For myself, I don’t really need or want a coach. At least I don’t think I do. But I’m stubborn and never have known when to get help. But the one thing I really, really, really wanted and needed was medication. And I finally got that. I can’t believe the difference in just a couple of days. I feel so much better.  I know all of the stuff a coach would tell me already, just like I knew all the stuff I was told in my CBT sessions. It’s acting on it that I have trouble with. And the medication is going to (hopefully) give me the boost I need to get over that hurdle.

I believe services should be available to anyone regardless of income. If I was a coach or therapist I could not turn away someone who really needed help just because they couldn’t afford my fee. I wouldn’t feel right about it. They could offer payment plans allowing them to pay so much a month. My mother had a dentist who allowed her to pay by post dated cheque.  So if it was $400 she would leave 4 cheques for $100 each and he would cash them over the next four months. I have always thought that was a great idea. He still gets his full fee and the people who can’t afford to pay a huge fee all at once get the care they need. Of course it doesn’t work for everyone but it would help some.