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Patte Rosebank
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Holy smokes, are we passionate about this!  Maybe we need a “Q&A With a Coach” webinar (hint-hint).

You’re right that coaching is a bit of a wild-west right now, because anyone can hang up a shingle and call themselves a Coach.  

But I’m learning that that’s changing.

It’s getting closer to becoming a fully regulated profession, because the reputable Coaches are well aware of the damage that the less-than-reputable ones are doing to the profession and (more importantly) to the people who come to coaching for help and end up being hurt.

I also agree that any Coach who makes us feel guilty about not being willing & able to pay for their services, is clearly not the Coach for us.

At the same time, if we can’t comfortably pay for the sessions, it’s going to be really hard for us to fully commit to them. Shelter, food, heat, and other necessities trump everything else…as they should.

Good coaches know this, and they will respectfully tell us, up-front, that now is not the best time for us to take this on. If the way they tell us makes us feel guilty or resentful, we have to tell them so, right away.  (That’s hard for me, because I’m so used to bottling things up.)

And now, I’ll tell you a secret…

Lots of Coaches offer sliding-scales, and even “scholarships” (free coaching). But they don’t advertise this, because if they did, everyone would expect a discount. By charging full-price to most clients, Coaches can afford to offer discounts & scholarships to those who really need them. And there are so many of us here who really need them!

There are also ADDCA Student-Coaches-in-Training, who need a certain number of hours of actual coaching with actual clients, in order to earn their certification. Some of those hours can be pro-bono (free), and the rest have to be paid. But even a token fee of a few dollars counts as “paid”. They’re listed on the ADDCA website, and some of them are listed in the TotallyADD Coach Directory.

Seeing all the things that are supposed to be able to help us, but are always out of our reach, is bound to make us see it all in a really bad light. And this field has more than its share of snake-oil salesmen. But there are a lot of good-guys in it too, who are willing to help us, if we ask them.

And one of the best bunch of good-guys is right here at TotallyADD!