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My “superpower” seems to be insight in making connections in my head from widely varying sources of information. I hear something in conversation one day, and immediately connect it to something I heard maybe even 10 years ago. I tend to have some difficulty remember the details or the source from 10 years ago, but the connection is instant and I can often look up the details later. I think this might be a part of my primarily inattentive ADHD. I daydream and spin stories in my head so much that a lot of my life I was living more in my head than in the outer world. It took some comments from a candid friend to make me realize that I was doing this, and that I should be paying more attention to what is going on around me. But it is in those daydreams that I analyze everything from TV plots to information I read in a technical article to general observations of the world around me. Alarm bells ring in my head if I hear information in a advertisement, or from a politician, or from a preacher that does not match what I understand about the world. The silliness of some social conventions and fashions are very obvious to me, and this has been both a blessing and a burden, since not simply going along with some apparently irrational things can make it hard to navigate formal social situations. But I’ve always considered this to be one of my greatest assets.