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What's your superpower? The Sequel

What's your superpower? The Sequel2014-08-07T19:14:05+00:00

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    I have that emotional sensitivity in spades, too. For the longest time, I thought it was a problem for me, as I couldn’t get over other people’s bad moods in the workplace.

    But as I read your comments, I recalled that my old office had a staff retreat less than a month after I started there. There was some kind of personality quiz in which you had to guess which person was described in each item. I was the only one who got all of the answers right, and I won a giant plush tiger.

    Also, for some reason, people feel free to ask me for directions almost every single time I walk in town and in other cities. I really do happen to know where I am, so I figure:

    a) My inner compass superpower is so evident that people can see it from their cars; and/or
    b) I am the least scary-looking person around.

    Until recently, I tried to hide my powers so that people wouldn’t single me out for emotional bullying. My wish is for everyone here to get some relief from this fear and once in a while feel great about being themselves now and then.


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    My “superpower” seems to be insight in making connections in my head from widely varying sources of information. I hear something in conversation one day, and immediately connect it to something I heard maybe even 10 years ago. I tend to have some difficulty remember the details or the source from 10 years ago, but the connection is instant and I can often look up the details later. I think this might be a part of my primarily inattentive ADHD. I daydream and spin stories in my head so much that a lot of my life I was living more in my head than in the outer world. It took some comments from a candid friend to make me realize that I was doing this, and that I should be paying more attention to what is going on around me. But it is in those daydreams that I analyze everything from TV plots to information I read in a technical article to general observations of the world around me. Alarm bells ring in my head if I hear information in a advertisement, or from a politician, or from a preacher that does not match what I understand about the world. The silliness of some social conventions and fashions are very obvious to me, and this has been both a blessing and a burden, since not simply going along with some apparently irrational things can make it hard to navigate formal social situations. But I’ve always considered this to be one of my greatest assets.


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    I have none



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    Hi trashman – good to hear from you.

    As much as I hate to disagree with you……. I think you have as many as the rest of us. You see, I have been around this joint long enough to have read some of your kind and helpful posts so I know….


    I agree it’s hard to focus on the good things we have sometimes when the frustrations get in our way. But it’s good to be kind to ourselves once in a while.

    Stay cool.


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    I use to joke with my friends that my spiritual gift was pissing women off.

    My superpowers would have to be tactics and seeing patterns. I think the patterns part is what helped me survive math classes.


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    Hello, all!  I’m new around here, as well as newly diagnosed (about 6 months ago) and not too late in life, I suppose. 40 is the new 30, isn’t it??  I’ve always had some quirks about me but just chalked it up as “part of my charm”. LOL.

    My superpowers are definitely intuition. I can sense when something is amiss. It varies from knowing that someone is not being truthful to walking into my house where nothing is missing or been moved (I can spot that in 2.5 seconds) but I instantly know if someone has been there.

    I don’t think it can be considered a superpower, but for some reason people always tell me things that are “supposed to be a secret”. I never blab them, but some information I would just rather not know! And it isn’t necessarily about the person who is telling me the info. So, I just listen and lock it away with all the others…

    Well, I’m glad to have found this site and look forward to exploring it!


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    I Can’t Build New Things From Scratch…..Like if I Wanted To Build A Wood Desk For Example….  I Never Seem To Have The Right Tools….. But I Am A “McGyver” When It Comes To Fixing / Repairing Anything…. Even Said Wood Desk…. When Others Give Up Or Don’t Know What Or How To Fix it.


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    My superpower is more around having every high intuition,Reading people,Knowing when something is different,and Survival mode.

    The high intuition is part is basically Like when I’m cooking.I never pay attention to a clock or how long it’s been for when the food should be done.So most of the time I will randomly get up to check if the food is done or not.The second I’m standing in front of the oven/microwave the timer goes off.A lot of other times When a friend is gone for an amount of time.After a point i will message and normally most of the time the second i message they end up being back.One of my friends calls me a witch each time it happens to be funny with it.Along with these when I’m out in town and a lot of times i will also randomly look down at my cell and the moment i look at the screen a text pops up from which ever friend it is.Another time I was walking in school up a stair case changing classes.One of my friends was going to hit me with her binder.I was looking in the other direction and didn’t see what she was about to do.The second she came close to hitting me my arm automatically went up and blocked.

    Reading people I can tell when any mood has changed.Even if the mood has barely changed I know the second it has.The bad part is that if it’s a negative mood change that drives me crazy.So I suck at making it better or to make it stop sadly.

    With knowing when something is different.Like I notice the first day when the sun is positioned different in the sky.When it changes where it’s at in the sky it affects my mood greatly.So beginning of spring and fall.I end up being in a super happy mood more than i would during summer and winter.If something looks different about a person I noticed the second i see them.Just any small changes Its like a huge difference in my mind.

    Survival mode is interesting for me since It mostly happens when something very serious happens.Like if someone is badly injured,I’m in danger,ect.I will spring into action without a second thought.Like When a friend of mine couldn’t breath I had someone stay with her then sprinted a good ways for someone to help.After finding someone and she was in the clear.I ended up collapsing on the ground and having trouble breathing.I wasn’t in the best running shape also I have asthma.But while I’m like in my survival mode nothing matters but what I’m trying to fix or help.Another time on the house another room was being add.It wasn’t finished but later that day it started pouring rain.The living room wall ended up looking like a water fall.The second I saw that I ran around the house finding any towels we had to dry and save the wood floor from the water.While doing that I called my dad and told him to hurry up and get here to try and fix it.

    I’m sure most people with ADHD/ADD have these type of superpower skills but I like how they do make you feel special.


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    @Larynxa LOL. Well, I need to go back to work eventually, and I have. no clue what to do, so…

    Only problem is, by the time I figured out they were lying, it would be too late. It takes awhile sometimes to put my finger on what exactly it is that’s nagging at me. And theres the little problem of remembering what they look like, what they said, their license plate number, what colour their car was (forget make and model, wouldn’t have a clue). And the decision making alone would be enough to kill me. Is there really something suspicious, or am I just imagining things? Should I detain this person or not? What if I’m wrong? But then what if I’m right?

    Also, do border  guards carry guns? Becaue that could definitely be a problem….

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