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Anyone who tells you your soul is incapable of love is just being ridiculous. That’s a terrible thing to say to anyone. The fact that you care proves it’s wrong. Someone who was really incapable wouldn’t care what anyone thought, or how anyone felt about them or about anything else.

I can relate to the desire to please other people and be what they want – rather than be myself or care for my own needs. It’s too tiring to seek approval, and too frustrating not to get it. I never seem to fit in.

I struggle with social connections…I’m just more comfortable when I’m by myself or people I know well, one on one. Group situations cause a lot of stress. I feel like I’m supposed to be different from who I am, and that people are judging me, expecting me to be different in ways I don’t understand. I find most people to be pretty judgmental – they make assumptions. Anyway, I can appreciate those feelings of being alone.

You are not alone with feeling alone. And you can be real about what’s true for you here.