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2 left feet! ARGH!!!

2 left feet! ARGH!!!2013-07-02T17:10:06+00:00

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    I am frustrated as hell. My boyfriend is too, although he is being really sweet and left the room to avoid showing his level of aggravation.
    I am clumsy. I try not to break stuff, and it happens anyway. This time it was the pet gate. We have a puppy, and have divided the house with a wooden gate that is about 18 in high, so that he only has access to a small area. I have done pretty well- tripped about a month ago but only needed Mighty putty and superglue to fix it. Tripped again today and will need both now, in addition to a dowel, and clamp, and a drill, to restore it to operating state.Fortunately it was the gate and not me that broke both times.
    I’m tired of being careful and still breaking stuff all the time.!


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    I am so careful when I go into a shop with lots of glass breakables. I also feel uncomfortable in new cars that are really nice. I don’t really mind breaking my own stuff so much because I’m so use to it. I’m rough with just about everything I own. I’ve even noticed that sometimes I’m surprised by others reactions when I break something because it’s such a normal thing for me that I forget others don’t see it as normal.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)