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  • Phil, Just Phil.

    Yeah, I was lookinart transferable skills but with the meds issue I don’t see it as a good idea.  Now I am trying to work out if I should try and go to university or just try and up skill within my current company, been trying for a while though.



    If you like schmoozing, have you ever considered the possibility of schmoozing for people who don’t like to schmooze or are bad at it? There are a lot of graphic designers and illustrators, for example, who tend to be quiet, reclusive introverts, who are terrible at self-promotion because they never want to leave their houses and have a conversation. Or  other schmoozing-type jobs, like selling real estate, where success rides on your ability to schmooze and it’s a valued skill, a real asset. What would it be like to find a business partner who prefers to sit in a room alone and work, while you go out and chat up the clients? Can’t tell you how much I wish I knew someone around here like that, someone who could bring me the work, so I’d be free to just do it.

    I wonder if a bunch of ADHDers with complementary skills would be a business powerhouse, where everyone could focus with frenzied intensity on what they do best. How unstoppable would that be?

    Sorry if I missed the part where you talk about what you actually do…?

    You like doing physical stuff? Is that what’s appealing about the military? You ever do any gardening or farming? Like being outside, working with your hands, doing mechanical stuff?

    When I had an ADHD coach, the main focus of the discussion tended to be on how I am naturally inclined to spend my time. What would I be doing, completely self-motivated, for its own sake, if I were not worried about trying to find a job or conform to external expectations? I’d be doing what I’ve always done: Making pictures and writing something. Seems to be how I was made. I think each of us has some natural inclination like that. It might be helpful to take note of what those kinds of activities are for you…?

    Reminds me of something someone once said to me…”People never change, they just become more so.” I feel like I am becoming more of who I am by discarding what I’m not. If that makes sense.



    This is a good relaxing easy to read kind of thread. So I’ll keep this short 🙂 (yeah right, huh?)

    I liked your description of the “I’m a loser” syndrome” aspect of ADD. MarieAngel, you sound familiar.  It ain’t no fun wondering when I can expect to quit looking for the L on my forehead. It’s never been there, but I keep checking just in case they plugged my ears, numbed my face and used my tattoo stuff to pencil it in. I’m asleep a lot sometimes. (great grammar huh?)

    I like lot’s of what’s written here.

    Thanks! you guys, sometimes a dude like me needs to mellow out a lil. Hey!, no laffin. Eh, it’s okay. I’m just clowning around. Trying to remember Rule 62. which is “Don’t take yourself too seriously”. One of my lil mottos.

    I’m really glad I bookmarked this one. I guess now would be a good time to start building another “best of TotallyADD” page. For just me because it’s not a great idea to sit here in judgement of the community that has saved my butt so many times in the past 16 months. I am super happy that they’re putting the date n time at the top of our posts now. There’s hope I’ll be able to put things into some sort of legible time line inside my brain and watch us develop. Even remember some of the stuff.

    This is encouragement you guys. Take some, leave some. Own it. Keep it. Share it as much as you can. It’s the kind of stuff that we can all use once in a while. A lot. (or both) Boing boing boing.

    It’s a wonderful thing when we start to zero in on what our “Life’s work” is going to be. I’m gonna have to learn how to write aren’t I?  Ukayyy. All doo It.

    Guess what you guys?. I slept really good last nite!, and it wasn’t like pulling all my wisdom teeth getting out of bed this morning. Cool, huh? I just can’t see straight.

    ow did you like the DVD’s Mr McKay?. I’m waiting wit exited anticipation for my copy of ADD and Mastering it myself.. We can compare notes. Last time it only took about 4 or so days for it to arrive. A long 4 or so days. 🙂

    Going back to my music.

    PS yep, that makes sense MarieAngell. Like lot’s of folks I like in this camp. You make lot’s of scents. Sniff sniff.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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