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    So. This is my first post! Wow. I watched ADD and loving it on PBS one day. It was like I had been sitting in the dark and someone turned on a light! I found my way to this website, and from there… did the screening test. I made an appointment with my family doctor the following week, and now I have a referral to a psychiatrist on the 4th of Feb! I’m very excited about the possibilities of treatment!

    Anyway! Back on topic… I found this thread REALLY enlightening. It filled me with hope, and just that sense of recognition… that I’m not alone! I’m a kid at heart, and by the sounds of it… probably always will be. I love it!

    Good to be here. :D


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    I am not sure if being immature is a symptom of ADHD or not, I have felt that way myself a big part of my life, I have other issues in my life that immaturity is also considered to a symptom, But why did I feel immature, because I was trying to fit myself into someone else definition of mature, immature. The one thing I have come to understand for myself is, there is a big difference in being child like & childish. Child like behavior helps keep me young & vital and keeps me from taking myself (& life) too seriously. When I am being childish, I am isolating my self from the real joys of life, being selfish, & blaming everything that is wrong in my life on some one or something. I think if a person is taking responsibility for their life (decisions & actions) they are mature; if not, They are immature, Having fun, doing tings that others see as dangerous, crazy, or childlike is not necessarily a sign of immaturity, it just means we see life as an adventure to be enjoyed, rather than a challenge or series of problems to be overcome.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)