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ADHD is a code word for "retarded."

ADHD is a code word for "retarded."2017-03-09T12:06:20+00:00

The Forums Forums Most X-treme! Most Hostile/Ignorant Thing I've Heard ADHD is a code word for "retarded."

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    And my stepfather knows that I hate the word “retarded” because I have a close friend is physically disabled and in no way is she dumb. She is smarter than most of the so-called normal people that I know. But anyways, my stepfather was mad at me one night for something stupid I had forgotten to do (I don’t remember what it was, all I remember is the arguing) and said “You can blame ADHD all you want, but ADHD is just a code word a retarded!” That was the most ignorant, rude thing I have ever heard someone say. My response was “ADHD symptoms are similar to your oncoming dementia!”


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    That was a cruel remark made by someone who sounds like a bully. People like this are insecure and feel the need to put others down to redirect their misery about themselves. Also there seems to be a lack of understanding about different learning styles. I have limited patience with these soul crushers. I’d say hang around more uplifting folk, but then I’d need to take my own advice!


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    Hi Eashline92,  I am sorry this had to happen to you.  It is inexcusable behavior.  I can identify with your emotion.  I have a son with Cerebral Palsy who experiences this regularly.  He is more intelligent than most people but due to his inability to walk “normally” and speak clearly, he is often ridiculed and called that word.  Last week he was at a “big box” store and the folks there called the police because they thought he was drunk.  I will say this, anyone who says things like this is the problem, not you.  Keep moving forward and be confident in who you are and let such people show their own true colors be it ignorance or whatever.   I have heard and read that ADHD people generally have above average intelligence.  Be well

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