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All three of me: me, my body and the mischievous Brain

All three of me: me, my body and the mischievous Brain2013-02-21T22:34:31+00:00

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    I’ve talked with a few non ADHDers who categorize their being to be inclusive of their body and mind/brain. I however, feel like there is a me/my consciousness, a body and a brain. Three different parts, all with their own say at times and its often left up to a quick round of rock/paper/scissors or a coin toss as to which part of me gets the say.

    At times my body and I can work together and accomplish great things, but every now and then my brain high jacks my body (or they are in cahoots and think it funny to watch my reactions) and they are in control of my thoughts, actions and verbal out put while I’m just along for the ride just long enough to watch the high speed collision (in slow motion as I shout out NOOOOO (also in slow motion) in some far off land unable to prevent the inevitable) and then its up to me to clean up the mess later. It’s like I’m aware of my brain as a separate entity, the last third bit that makes up me. Not saying my body and I always get along like when it wants to be all hyperactive and fidgety, but that usually doesn’t cause me too much grief. I see me/my consciousness as the ‘good guys’, my body as a potentially sketchy middle man who often some times has a mind of its own and see my brain as the antagonist in a poor comedy sketch looking like a brain but in a false moustache, a top hat, a monocle and a little black cape.

    I have noticed my brain cooperating better under the influence of these nifty ADHD meds, but once the meds wear off out comes the little black cape and monocle. Now don’t get me wrong the mischievous little guy has kept me entertained for years when he wasn’t causing trouble. But it would be nice to be off meds, tired and be able to say what I would like to the first time instead of what ever nonsense he decided to put into my mouth that I can hear isn’t correct, but I can’t stop it.

    Now is it just me?


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