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And ADHD strikes again!

And ADHD strikes again!2014-06-19T21:24:22+00:00

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    And this is what happens when I try to organize. We are going to the beach this year (my first real vacation in 3 years), I rented a cottage and paid the deposit ON TIME, been working on packing lists, got a plastic tub to start filing with non-perishable food, etc.

    And I ordered swimsuits last MONTH. From a site that I found an e-coupon for, but turns out they were giving 70% off to first-time customers. So I ordered THREE new swimsuits, in slightly different sizes, since my weight’s been up and down and is up again. The total price was about $37.50 and these are good quality suits. So they came, one fits, one’s kinda small, and one’s kinda large, so I figure I’ll keep them all so I’ll always have one that fits.

    So it’s a month later and cottage time is going to be here soon, so I haul out the suitcase and the pool bag to start sorting. And neatly folded, in the pool bag (I dropped the Y membership over 2 years ago because I had no time) was a brand new, tags still on, Land’s End swimsuit–it’s a perfect fit.

    I had completely forgotten about ordering a swimsuit on sale “in case I needed one.” So in the space of one month–I’ve gone from 0 swimsuits to FOUR.


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    LOL That’s not so bad really. At least you remembered the important stuff, like renting the cottage. And now you’ll have a spare swimsuit.

    One time I bought shampoo and conditioner because it was on sale. Four times. On the plus side  I didn’t have to buy shampoo and conditioner again for a long time.


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