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Are adults with ADD more susceptible to the effects of a traumatic experiences?

Are adults with ADD more susceptible to the effects of a traumatic experiences?2011-01-10T17:18:28+00:00

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    Are adults with ADD more susceptible to the effects of a traumatic experience than those without ADD?

    After watching the presentation on KPBS I recognized myself in much of the areas covered. From childhood to my mid 30s I have experienced life through many of the symptoms talked aboutvon the program and in the online test. In 1995 I experienced a very traumatic life threatening event while on operations in Somalia with the US Marines . Since that incedent my whole outlook on life and the way I relate to everything changed dramatically and has just become worse over the years as I have tried to deal with feelings and behaviors that I couldn’t understand. I am aware that PTSD can caused ADD symptoms but I was wondering if any studies had been done on traumatic episodes having a greater detrimental effects on those with ADD, whether they knew they had ADD or not.?


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    Dr J. Please some help on this one.

    I have wondered the same thing. Can tramatic events change ADDers more than non-ADDers? I understand that with or without ADD, combat experiences can lead to post-tramatic stress disorder but what about a hypersensitive individual with extra stressful life events?

    Also how does Alcholic parents affect the ADD/ADHD symptoms in childen and adults?


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    Dr J~ Some help and clarification needed please.

    Your PBS program and this website KNOWS “way more” than my Dr does.. I socred 9 out of 9 on the adult attention test. However, I am now 61 and have have learned numerous copicng techniques, but also see where I could have been forcusing more on my strengths had I known all of this.

    My issue now ~ I also have at this age of course a few other bioMedical issues and have also experienced MANY traumatic events, averaging 2every years for the last 12 yrs, with quite a few before that. I have never been depressedbecause I think I channeled the energies into Positive activities, but those in turn caused other issues to flare up.

    #1) My Dr had Rx’d the mild form of Ritalin ( which we did find in mu dad’s dresser after his death in 1981) We think he took that in the AM and Valium in the PM, but never told us.. I also know he seeked out alternative therapies like acupuncture, etc..

    I am normally not suppose to take stimulants like caffeine because they flare up my adrenaline. Will Ritalin in the mildest short time dose also flare my adrenaline or just help me calm down and focus.?

    #2) I have also been told that Ritalin might increase my blood pressure. Are there any statistics on this? I ask because I also have OI/POTS ever shince a head-on car accident 4 yrs ago and when I stand up my BP drops in half, so if I am to be Vertical for more than 20 min up to 3 hours I must take Midodrine to raise my BP so I will get oxygen to my brain. My Dr does not have any experience with these, so other than to talk to my pharmacist and take my BP ocassionally do you have any resources or suggestions ? It seems like the Midodrine lasts 4 hours and the Ritalin they tell me last 6 hours ? I have NEVER had high BP issues, but would rather error on the side of caution. Any info you could provide would be DEEPLY appreciated.

    PS: I will be geting my Rx next week and would prefer to know some info B4 I start, so I can proceed informed. Thx

    with sincere gratitude~

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