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Basketball Scoring Disaster

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    When I was a young fellow – about twenty year old – I played basketball once a week just for fun.

    Every so often it was our team’s turn to officiate. Umpiring, scoring etc.

    I was keeping score for one game. There was no big score board, just pencil and paper in a specially designed score book that let me record who scored what and who had fouls against them etc.. I was doing my best, but by the end of the game it became horrifyingly clear that I had completely stuffed up the whole thing. Awarding about half the baskets to the wrong team. I soon found myself surrounded by two teams of sweaty basketballers; all at once trying to loudly inform me of how many baskets they had actually scored. So many loud voices and so many faces all directed at me all at once. All this noise in a big echoing shed.

    I wished floor would swallow me up.

    I somehow managed to wriggle my way through the scrum of bodies and out onto the court. As soon as I was clear I sprinted for the exit, burst through the doors and took a mighty breath of clear fresh air as I made good my escape.

    I guiltily left my poor team mates to clear up the mess.

    I never talked about it, and my mates thankfully didn’t make a big deal about it. I felt like such an idiot, but I’d never heard of ADD.

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