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Bullied Children & Different Types of Humour

Bullied Children & Different Types of Humour2013-05-01T09:08:11+00:00

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    Patte Rosebank
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    I found this article on the BBC’s website:


    So many of us use humour as a defence—and sometimes, as a weapon—that this article is very relevant!

    It looks at the different types of humour, and how they can help to spot the bullied and the bullies.



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    That’s an interesting piece, particularly since (in my experience) a lot of ADDers have quick wits. There’s an awful lot to be said about humo[u]r. It can be be used narcissistically to draw attention to ourselves. It can be used to bully. It can be used to diffuse tension. It can be used to try to gain acceptance; it can be used to gauge acceptance (do people tend to laugh at our attempts to be funny?). And, as the article suggests, it can be used to shoot ourselves in the foot. You could go on and on. Of course, things are further complicated by the fact that different cultures have different collective senses of humo[u]r. What’s funny in Toronto, may not be funny in, say, Mumbai.

    I would add one observation: Since ADDers tend to shoot off at the mouth, it’s not unexpected that they will often shoot off at the keyboard. But BEWARE——written speech is uninflected. A sarcastic comment out of your mouth is inflected in such a way that most people understand you’re not really serious; you’re trying to be funny. The same comment on FB or in an e-mail may come across as extremely insulting or rude. Just a heads up.


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    This  right up hit  nail on the head!! the sad thing is that I was always the one making fun of myself,and still  do. now. I will have to see if I can change how I joke around.


    I always  thought I did that so I would not hurt anyone else s feelings. still lot’s to learn, and see if I can change? Thanks Larynxa

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)