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Discourse Analysis and ADHD

Discourse Analysis and ADHD2016-04-14T20:24:25+00:00

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    I’m trying to find information on ADHD and language-use.

    Often how I speak to people is misconstrued as oppositional and I am genuinely confused when this occurs.

    I am looking for specific and not general resources.

    I have advanced degrees in Education and Special Education and extensive experience as an English teacher, writer, and editor (so, yes, I already know about Deborah Tannen 🙂 ). I am also working on my master’s in Counselling Psychology.

    I am diagnosed with ADHD-C and a processing (executive functioning) learning disability. This isn’t new to me as I was diagnosed in 1995–FYI.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Will

    I’m guessing you have access to a uni library? Are you most interested in discourse analysis in terms of how people understand and talk about ADHD, or specifically how you are speaking and how that is misinterpreted by others?

    Do the people misunderstanding your intention as oppositional know about your diagnosis? Does it only happen with people who don’t think of you as ‘the one with ADHD’? (If that makes sense?) I’m wondering if people are assuming negative things about ADHD, and therefore about what you’re saying/doing.

    Have a look specifically at critical discourse analysis and critical disability theory.

    I really like Gregory Bowden’s work for ADHD specific stuff. David Hyatt for Critical Discourse Analysis, Dan Goodley for disability studies and Braidotti for getting out there and challenging how we think of what ‘human’ means (though I’m not sure you’d find anything specifically relevant to your immediate question in Braidotti for now, she brings in wider issues and challenges the kinds of things that lead to what you’re talking about.)

    Have fun. Nothing I love more than having my nose in a book. 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)