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    I went to see my new doctor December 22nd at his office. He said he had had a chance to look over my records and has a few questions for me…… “Why do you need Adderall XR, it is a Scedule II drug?” I said because I have been diagnosed with ADD over a year and a half ago and it helps me to focus and get things done. I like to read, especially about ADD since there is not any professional help around here that knows anything about ADD.” The doctor says “But you aren’t going to school and you aren’t an accountant are you/” I said “No I am not in school and I am not an accountant. But it improved my quality of life as I am able to concentrate on one thing at a time, and I am getting more organized than I used to be. My mind isn’t like an 18 track video recording machine anymore.” The doctor says “Adderall is a Schedule II drug and giving it to you makes me feel like a legalized drug dealer.” “I will make a deal with you, I am leaving this practice in two weeks, so I will give you a months supply and then you can talk about it with your new doctor.” I can not believe what an uninformed idiot this guy was. I am very glad that he is leaving!

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    I think you should report him to the College of Physicians and Surgeons. That was VERY unprofessional, imho.

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    what an idiot. doctors are legal drug dealers. what did he think he was doing when he went to med school. hopefully you find a better doc!

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    Report his @$$. Someone like that has no business practicing medicine.

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    That doctor should not be treating patients if this is his mindset.

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    I really, really hope you reported him.

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