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Effort vs Reward

Effort vs Reward2010-12-29T04:27:19+00:00

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    some times i have no want to do a task, at all. wich means i do one thing in that task then leave it. But some times i find the same task is easy, even enjoyable this has been a big problem for me as once i set the bar for what i can do, only 1 in 20 times can i do the task so easy, and i hate it.

    On thinking on this i realised that for some one to do a task it can be looked at like this. maby its cleen the house.

    What does it take to clean the house ie “Effort”

    What do you get from cleaning the house ie “Reward”

    when i find a mundane task easy i realised that it was the times when the reward far out weighed the effort.

    for me cleaning the house is easy when i can surprise my partner with it as she showes so much appreciation, the the thought of her happyness is what drives me. I can’t for the life of me clean while she is home as the the reward is not high enough.

    so when facing an ADDer with a task maby think of increasing the reward for the person and se if it makes a differance. This may take a little understanding of what drives that person in their successful endeavors.

    PS. sorry about the spelling.

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