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    I use my sewing machine a lot (small business) and bought a new one a year ago. It was supposedly maintenance free other than vacuuming out the lint. I got a large order last month and wasn’t as vigilant cleaning the machine. It finally broke down and when I took it in for service, was told it could not be repaired.

    I should have booked a repair visit (to check and clean) at least every 6 months but I forgot, was always too busy, thought I was cleaning it ok, etc.

    Had to buy a new machine ($1400 – ouch!) and am trying to remember to clean & oil it daily as recommended. Determined to go to the owners’ maintenance class last Saturday morning at 10:30 am.

    At 11:00 as we were preparing a late breakfast, I realized that I forgot to go. It was too late.

    I have post-it notes, gmail tasks, and calendars everywhere to remind me and often I will get up out of bed to write something down so I don’t forget it.

    I guess I need to look at the calendar every morning to see what I have to remember but even then, I might get totally absorbed in something interesting (or not boring) and forget to go.

    We also have the problem of leaving the house and forgetting something. It takes several trips around the block because we go back for something, forget something else, have to go back for it, etc. This is in spite of post-it notes and little note pads. Anybody watching our house to burgle it must be very frustrated!

    I have a follow up appointment after lunch with my doc today for asthma meds. I feel as though I need to sit by the door ready to go and do nothing until then. It’s paralyzing!


    Boy does that all sound familiar… I’ve taken to setting my watch or the alarm on my phone for 1 hr before ANYTHING I have to do and then 10 minutes before… the one hour to remind me I have it and the 10 minutes to remind me to go out the door.

    I also set it to remind myself to stop for “on the way” errands. I’ll drive right by someplace I was going to stop to drop something off or get something, because I’m thinking about the final destination. I’m getting better at guessing how long it will take me to get somewhere on my route! The problem is remembering that I might forget to stop, so that I set the alarm …..


    I also become “paralysed” the day of an appointment. Firstly the appointment often takes over my every thought, so I cannot focus on anything, and secondly, I am terrified of forgetting the appointment so I try and avoid things that might suck me into my own little world to the degree that time passes me by unawares. So generally I pace. I do quick and easy tasks, like load the dishwasher, put on a load of washing, wipe the bench over…..it’s probably times like this that I get the most housework done!

    And nothing is our house gets serviced/cleaned/oiled on time, unless it’s part of hubby’s domain (which isn’t much, as he is not mechanically inclined). It’s a wonder anything still works!!


    We did same with Barbara’s machine a couple of years back – put off maintenance, kept forgetting. Wore the brushes so badly that it fried the motor. Motors not available any more – new machine………… $3,000

    She wants to upgrade the embroidery machine…….. cheapest I’d ever let her buy was $7,000, the one we wanted? $9,900.

    Needless to say, she’s still got the old one.

    Quilting machine broke down – needle positioner died, so the needle up/down and thread cutter won’t work. (it still sews, but you have to lock stitches manually, etc.) Needs new circuit board – $300. I removed the old boards and am taking them in tonight because they are worth $75 toward new/reman boards.

    I was asked by a local quilt shop that sells Pfaff sewing machines if I wanted to take over on their machine warranty and maintenance for them……….. LOL – maybe there’s some money in that! I do a lot of it anyway – I do all the maintenance on our quilting machine.

    Man, don’t forget or space-off routine maintenance! Set yourself a reminder, whatever, just DO IT.

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