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Go public, or keep it a secret?

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    I’m back. It took my doctor about 10 minutes to say “oh yeah, you’re ADD all right”. I’m on week 6 of Adderall now and boy, what a difference! I didn’t know you can actually stop one task, do the dishes, then go back to what you were doing – you know, like normal people! I’m calmer, less easily stressed, more able to not only focus, but to decide what to focus on.

    I do tell people. A lifetime of ADD makes you a chattermouth, so I gave up on boundaries a long time ago anyway. I just ell them about the high correlation between creativity and ADD (I’m an architect) and tell them I’m on medication to control my superpowers. And a little perspective – it’s not like ADD makes people pick up an Uzi and shoot up the workplace or something. Heck, someone with ADD wouldn’t be organized enough to plan that! It’s not contagious and it’s not a moral failing. So, I’m treating it like any other manageable condition, where you might tell a dinner companion why you’re not downing 3 scotches..

    I’ve had no adverse reaction. I don’t go shouting it from the rooftops, just tell anybody I might also tell about other personal developments in my life.

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)