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How can I logically understand how something works, and not put it into action?

How can I logically understand how something works, and not put it into action?2010-12-12T04:13:48+00:00

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    I have always known something was different with me, as a child. I felt smart, but I rarely got it right. As an adult, having learned some about ADD…I thought…OMG…that’s me. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I told me my physician I had this problem with concentration, remembering, depression, feeling overwhelmed…and so on, and so on. He recommended I see a therapist. The theraprist said I sounded like a good candidate for an ADD diagnosis and referred me to someone who specializes in the field. She confirmed the diagnosis and precsribed Adderall. Well, I take that…except for the welcome loss of a few pounds, I can’t honestly say this this helping. I am becoming more lost and depressed over what I can do about this problem. I lost my job. I should have plenty of time to accomplish so much. My house, although relatively clean, has clutter…primarily in my areas. I try to keep the common areas (i.e. kitchen, living room, etc.) pretty neat. I logically understand the concept of “everything in its place”, including important papers and documents and getting certain tasks done. I can’t seem to do. I need help and don’t know where to go. At $100.00 a pop for a psychiatrist, I can’t afford talk therapy. My primary physician prescribes the adderall, but again…I’m not so sure this is helping. I don’t want to live th rest of my life this way. What can I do..where can I go? Oh, an aside….I live in New Haven County, in CT> Yale University. Does anyone know of any programs or studies that might be going on there that I might participate in??? I’m getting desperate.


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    Hello mgm8634

    I would start by clearing the slate and learning how to integrate meds with the other things you need to do. Start here:


    Dr. Tom Brown is at Yale. Knows me well. Tell him I sent you and he may have some names of people you can see.

    Dr. J.


    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    Hey mgm8634,

    A lot of ADHD experts have told us the same thing. That it usually takes a while to find the right balance of the right medication. Dr. Stephen Kurtz actually promises his patients two things. One is, whatever medication they try first won’t work. And the second thing is that he will never give up on them.

    As for your dilemma about knowing the right thing…

    There is always a disconnect between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’.

    People ‘know’ it’s wrong to speed, watch too much TV, drink too much, eat bad food, and so on. But does knowing make a difference?

    Ask anyone how to lose weight and they’ll tell you it’s simple. Eat less, eat better food, and exercise.

    Everyone knows this. And yet what percentage of those people are overweight?

    Myself included.

    I have a hundred things I know I should be doing. Knowing doesn’t make a difference. What’s needed is motivation.

    I only get going when I think about what it’s costing me, what a pain it is, or what the potential benefits are of getting it done.

    The pleasure or the pain. And I’m told pain is a better motivator. (Which explains why we can get stuff done at the last minute.)

    Motivation is everything.



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    mgm8634 welcome, dont give up, you just started!! I personally can’t “feel” the Ritalin SR I take, but those around me can see the difference. I have also noticed that when I take it the unrelenting low level anxiety diminishes/disappears…subtle but important. I live in MT..talk about few and far between for therapists…never mind the psychiatrist, find someone to talk to. This has helped me over the years more than anything. Last year was the first time I had anyone that worked with me with ADD issues!! Talk about wonderful!! She has since retired, so I am again looking for a “neutral third party” to figure things out with.

    This motivation thing has me stuck again. I start getting the shoulda/woulda/couldas, and then looking for chocolate, or some other diversion. So I am getting the clear on some of my behaviors…seeing them is the first step in being able to change them…course this motivation thing has me stuck, but I am hopeful.. again…. DON’T GIVE UP.

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