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How many tabs do you have open right now?

How many tabs do you have open right now?2018-04-12T08:46:50+00:00

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    This is a good day – I have 36 on my netbook (I’m sure there’d be way more if I had a proper laptop or PC, or if my computer hadn’t recently crashed from having too much open) and I probably have about 15 on my phone.


    That Guy with ADHD
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    I currently have 6 but I tend to close and reopen windows a lot so as far as “Pages Viewed” I’m way up there! ūüôā



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    22 I am afraid I will forget all the things I wanted to checkout.


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    I seem to open a lot of tabs because i think things are intersting and that i’ll read them later, then it all gets crazy because i very rarely properlly restart my computer. I dash about from tab to tab, forgetting what i was ever looking for, or why I’m now reading about something totally random on Wikipedia.

    amountainmama, I do that too. Or I think I’ve replied to a message, but I get distrated by something else before I’ve clicked “send” ūüôā


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    35 on safari but I don’t use a computer or tablet so my phone is my only internet connection lol.


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    I have 2 on one monitor and 7 on the second. I probably have 600 bookmarks though.


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    21, including this one.
    1 with a tech article I would love to read but am too bored to start.
    2 with work stuff I need to avoid forgetting to do (but ultimately will forget anyway).
    10 with bows I cannot possibly afford – I have started doing archery last week and had two lessons already.
    3 with youtube
    1 with Comey memos – they are fun to read and I have been reading them since yesterday night (despite not living in USA)
    and 4 on this site.

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