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    As I read various things on this WONDERFUL site, I am stricken by how -different- the ADD senses of humor, irony, justice, etc are from those I choose to call “Flatlanders”. Those whose lives are really rather mundane in their “inputs”, and can’t appreciate how the turn of a word changes the meaning of what you are trying to say.
    ADDers tend to be self-deprecating when it comes to our individual foibles.
    The BEST cops, emergency personnel, firemen, combat soldiers, good gamblers(non-losers), sailors, and any other high-stress jobbers are all ADD.
    Thanks to all, who can look at themselves and laugh out loud at that poor pathetic bastard that is us. Very cool. The signs of the guys that were next to me in the jungle in ‘Nam. (You scrape at a funny looking rock with your toe, and find out you’re standing on a 250 pound bomb that’s wired as a mine. You’d better be able to deal with some stress.):-O. Or you’re in a bad place.
    People are like trains moving down the tracks side by side. Except the ADD train is moving about 15 mph faster than the others.
    In passing, they try to talk to us, but we are approaching or leaving them except for that moment when we’re about even, and then you can understand for a moment, but then, it’s gone again.
    But… In a crisis, when the non-add person is under the influence of adrenaline and going scatter brain, and they are charging as hard as they can, they can almost catch up enough to tell us what they need.
    At full bore, they are keeping up with my relaxed state of mind. They are going CRAZY!!! And the ADDer goes, “yeah?…and…?
    Because we just cruise at this speed, and when we really get going, the non ADDer just hasn’t got the speed available to them to keep up with our actions, let alone the 50streams of thought going by them like water from a firehose.
    And they get upset because they can’t speak “firehose”. So it’s OUR fault that THEY can’t understand.

    Therefore: WE are “impaired”, and the world wants ME to ignore that I am capable of writing a thesis at speed so I can help Billy find his pencil to spell “cat”.

    Folks, if that’s not funny…

    (By the way, look up “national lampoon” and type in “that’s not funny, that’s sick.” The frog is great!)

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    That Guy with ADHD
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    After going to an ADHD support group I had noticed that the people there had a great sense of humour!

    I love the frog!



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    What can I say? That’s been my sense of humor for most of my life.
    I think it’s called black humor. I met a bunch of third year interns once who couldn’t find the humor in it. Then, they had to do six weeks in the ER. Big hospital, lotsa gun and knife action. When they came back from six sleepless, stressed out weeks, they understood. Go figure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)