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    We live in the country that includes a house, greenhouse, and my ADD husband’s workshop, all on an area of about 2 acres. So he’s often losing his cell phone. Does anyone know an app that would allow me to help him locate his phone? I don’t want to “track” him, I just want to be able to locate the phone in about a 2 acre radius. Any suggestions?
    Thahnks a million!!


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    What type of cell are we talking about?


    That Guy with ADHD
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    There are some “Find my Phone” apps out there but I think you have to have data and GPS enabled for them to work which reduces battery life but it’s better than walking around trying to dial it listening for the ring tone. I like my Google Home. I can get it to ring my cell when I can’t find it but that’s just for around the house.

    Good luck



    Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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    My wife and I have little gadgets on our key chains that will emit a beep if you walk around with the matching ‘remote.’ So if one of us can’t find their keys we grab the remote from the little china donkey on the shelf (Long Story.) and walk around pressing the remote until we hear the beep.

    But you have to be close to it. 2 acres and all those buildings is not all that close. They work well on a key chain, hooking onto the metal loop. Not so practical for a phone.

    There are a number of apps, as Richard mentions. I suspect every make of smart phone has one. I don’t have the FIND MY PHONE app turned on, I find it’s better to remember the last time I had it in my hand… Was it for a phone call? Checking the weather? Texting?…

    I also bought the brightest, gaudiest phone case I could find. It helps me to spot it more easily. I did the same with all the remote controls for the TV, and even attached ribbons to some of them. It worked so well, I wrote a blog about it. https://totallyadd.com/blog/adhd-friendly-house/

    Finding the remote used to be almost a daily challenge. Not any more. Dunno if that helps with your husbands phone.

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