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Oh I got one!

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    Simple.  Listening and Honoring my father’s wishes.   Being raised in a culture, where it’s honorable to listen to your parents and fulfill their dreams, it’s pretty much ruined my life up until this point.

    As a kid, I loved to write and draw cartoons.   So I announced that I was looking into an animation school in British Columbia, back in 1987.  However, my father said that isn’t really a manly job, and I should keep looking for a school to teach manly skills.  He claimed only homosexuals do that kind of work.

    A week later, I saw a chance to go to a school to learn about making special effects and making masks and props.  Again, not manly enough, only gays (as he put it) do that kind of work.   Gosh, I never knew the pre-requisite for being artistic is being gay.  But ok.  Dads don’t lie right?  🙁

    So what did I settle into?  I went to a trade school to be an electrician.  Now that was manly in my dad’s eyes, and I had his approval.  Despite doing well and working 9 years in the residential, commercial, and industrial electrical fields, but absolutely I hated it.  I didn’t want to do this work.  I wanted to be the guy who makes the next cool werewolf costume, or maybe develop a special effect.  Now I just try to invent stuff and figure out how the heck I am going to get the money.  Crowdfunding scares and confuses me.  🙁

    My dad is almost 80 now, and has a hybrid personality of Jackie Gleason and Archie Bunker.

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