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    Most Extreme ADD experiences?

    Where to start?

    Okay, How about …

    As I’ve mentioned elsewhere – what got me through my initial discovery, then acceptance of my ADD – was an online Forum on Compuserve (long since defunct).

    I had no one to talk with “up here,” so went to the ADD forum every night, made some wonderful friends, gained access to experts, and got a real education from others who were going through the same thing as me (which is why I think these totallyadd forums are so valuable).

    One unfortunate note … As there was no local phone number for Compuserve out “in the boonies” where we live, all my phone calls were Long Distance to a Toronto number.

    As a result, my monthly phone bill ran around $450 – $500 {but I had a hit series then, so who cared <g>} .

    Several years later, someone happened to mention that all I had to do was go online, THEN contact Compuserve, and there would be NO Long Distance Charges.


    I must have spent well over $5,000.00.

    Or …

    How about the fact that I rented a colour TV and didn’t realize I could buy it after a year … for a couple of bucks.

    How long did I rent it?

    17 years.

    How much did I pay for our $500.00 TV?


    It just never occurred (ocurred? occured? <g>) to me that I had an option.

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    Oh you just made me crack up!

    I just realized while reading your post I think I’m still on that plan with Bell for one of my phones:) I think we’ve had it 15 years now and I did try to return it to the Bell store a couple of times over the years but the lines were too long which I was too impatient for .

    So I took it back home for a year or so each time. I would leave post it notes on it – I felt so efficient when I did that!

    At some point my husband said where’s the phone ( it was the one in his home office) and I put it back. Maybe 2010 will be the year I finally get it together and return it. I cringe trying to think how much I’ve paid for it by now :)

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    I had no idea that was another red flag, but it obviously is. My father used to do that kind of thing all the time. Compuserve and AOL accounts that he opened for something like $7.95 a month but never used. There was so much effort involved in cancelling the account that he let them run for years. There was also a locker rental fee of $25 a month at his golf club. He never used the locker, kept forgetting about it, also forgot to cancel it. Kept the membership for at least two years after he quit playing golf, too.

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    I have two Bell receivers all ready packed neatly into the box …purolator label and all….for the past 6 months. Then there is the memory of the student loan papers….I still have my interst relief form from 2001 …guess where….in the envelope it came in all filled out and missed the deadline…figure the interest on that baby. It’s only prevented me from getting a good car or a house…what a novel idea!

    So glad to read the other stories….makes me feel less alone :)

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    My last post was 8 months ago – I still haven’t returned the phone :-)

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    Ha ha ha ha! I just realized that I have been looking around on this web site for the first time, the time is now 11:30 PM, and my rental movie was due back at 9:00 PM! Jeez … I hate being stereotypical….

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