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Survey Said….CADDAC Co-morbidity Adult ADHD Survey

Survey Said….CADDAC Co-morbidity Adult ADHD Survey2013-03-03T08:36:24+00:00

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    I don’t know if this is appropriate. Webmasters: you can delete this should this not be within the mandate of this forum.

    I got this survey from a member in my support group, Cambridge ADHD Support Group. (Cambridge, Ontario, that is…)

    Dear Organizations,

    We’d like to draw your attention to a Co-morbidity Adult Survey we’ve created to gather information from adults diagnosed with ADHD as to what kinds of co-existing disorders they have been diagnosed with, and their experiences with this.

    This is a short online survey. All respondents will remain anonymous, and the information gathered is strictly confidential. To begin the survey just use this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QMQJYK3

    Please forward this survey on to your members, and/or e-mail mailing list, or anyone who may be interested in responding to the survey or sharing this information. The more respondents we get, the better our information will be.

    The deadline for this survey is April the 30th, so please forward this to others promptly.
    Your assistance with getting out word about this survey is very much appreciated.

    The information gathered will be invaluable to us, as we will allow us to expand on the information we gathered through our 2011 Adult ADHD survey. All of this data will allow us to create a media release in order to raise awareness about Adult ADHD, as well as of the lack of resources for it and the hardships this causes. This information will also assist with our advocacy efforts within various ministries in the government. A power-point presentation of this data will be created, which will be free for the public to access on our website.

    Thank you for your help.
    Kindest Regards,

    Heidi Bernhardt


    Hope this helps…



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    My first reaction to this survey is pessimistic. Could it also be that I really just don’t feel like taking yet another survey designed to put us in some sort of box of judgement? to define us as “this group of problems” or “that complex of psychological disorders”.

    Why do we make judgments of each-other in the first place?. I’m gonna try to be a lil more postive about this.

    I sometimes still get a kick out of people that say “I don’t judge”, it makes me want to ask “then how do you pick your friends?” Then when we have friendships with people, we still go ahead and pass judgement on them. We do this wrong too!.

    How many misunderstandings have we all had just here on this forum?. Fortunately for us we don’t have any flame wars going on here. There’s a really cool thread called “we’re nice people here” started by Scattybird. It’s easy enough to find. Just click. http://totallyaddconnect.com/forums/topic/were-nice-people-here/ (nice typo right there in the title Scattybird!) lol. Good thread too.

    Sure enough we do pass judgement on each-other here. It happens when some of us start a new thread, if people post on it a lot. It seems like it’s a good thread. I was on facebook and found this http://www.facebook.com/ForReadingAddicts and found a quote about writing, and the goal in writing. Well, one of the goals.

    Is to “write stuff on that causes folks to really think”. That’s not something this community needs much encouragement for. We naturally think like nobody’s business. More than some of us would like. I bet a high percentage of ADDers are also smart aspes.

    It’s real cool the way people in this community think. I really “get” how lot’s of you guys think. I’d rather have ADD in common with folks that about a gazillion other problems and struggles people have to deal with in this world.

    We’re lucky here.

    As well as nice.

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