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    I just discovered this site through an article in a magazine. I have a 21 year old son with ADHD. He was diagnosed at age 8, and thankfully my husband and I had a lot of support. Unfortunatley not from the school but through family and friends.

    It has been a very difficult journey and we have seen many ups and downs but my son managed to get his high school diploma and went on to be accepted into an Honours Liberal Arts Progam at John Abbott. He managed to get through two years and quit in his third year. He has been working in a pub ever since.

    My husband and I are very sad that he did not want to continue his education but we supported his decision to work. We have convinced him to get his creditation in cooking from a cooking school here in Montreal. All of this has been a struggle….to see him try to get things together.

    Although he is obviously aware that he has ADHD I really don’t think he believes it causes any problems in his life. I hope that I can talk him into signing up on this website. I think it would appeal to him as it is easy to follow and the videos are great!!

    Before I sign off I wanted to say that I went to a lecture given by someone on ADHD and was so shocked and upset by what this woman was telling people at this lecture about ADHD. She more or less told these parents of kids that had just been recently diagnosed that their children would amount to nothing. She told them to be prepared to have them working at MacDonalds cause that was the best they were going to do! It was so upsetting my friend and I left but not without telling a few of those parents that this woman was crazy!

    Thanks again for this site….it is very helpful and I am very happy to be a part of it!

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